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Our Concept

We won't drown you in mindless babble that sounds as if it came straight from some unproven college text book. Instead, we developed our business development courses combining modern theory with a practical interactive delivery style enabling delegates to take an active part in their ‘learning’ experience, making the courses fun, challenging and enjoyable. In summary, we are:
- Much more practical
- Much more dynamic
- More flexible with the process
- More Interactive
- More involved in creating solutions that work

One-shot progress produces one-shot results. This means you need to introduce a new development program every four to six months to avoid the downturns. Our experience shows that it should be new, and different, and it must reinforce the message learned in the previous program to be effective and hold their interest.

Our focus and core competence is changing attitudes and behaviors in order to build a service culture with our “all-you-can-eat 3 year service culture buffet.” This requires commitment, time and some money. Building world-class service and a service culture demands that you keep employees motivated and trained continually.

KAIZEE is found to help you find the voice of your organization and teach you how to inspire your employees to find theirs. We will put in your hands various tools to:
-    Build your character, not just your image
-    Lead With actions, not just with words
-    Motivate emotionally, not just materially
-    Assign clearly defined visions and missions to all
-    Avoiding mission overlap and confusion
-    Capture your market without destroying it
-    Maximizing the power of your market information
-    Moving swiftly to overcome your competitors
-    Employing strategies to master competition