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PR & Media Relations

We design and implement media relations programs, produce press releases, develop food recipes, photographs and color transparencies, write and translate news releases, work with supermarkets on product placement and position, organize in-store promotions and taste events, organize seminars, plan conferences or events designed to highlight and publicize company's products or services and remember that “Creativity is our secret ” .


Our services include the following:

  • Corporate and Product Positioning
    • Develop key messages
    • Research and Competitive Analysis
    • Develop corporate presentations for media, industry analysts and customers
    • Develop corporate press kit contents
  • New Product Rollout Planning and Launches
    • Develop plan and strategy to best reach media and targeted market
    • Implement plan to ensure successful launch
  • Public Relations Strategy, Counseling and Plans
    • Develop corporate strategy to get the message to target audiences
    • Identify list for public speaking opportunities
    • Submit abstracts on behalf of company and white papers for presentation at shows
    • Develop speaker presentations
  • Marketing and Public Relations Plans
  • Identification of Target Markets and How to Reach Them
  • Build and maintain qualified press lists
  • Build or extend relationships with key trade, local and business press
  • Write and edit press releases
  • Pitch stories to editors
  • Track and maintain editorial calendars for story opportunities
  • Conduct press tours and execute press conferences
  • Article Placements
  • News Release Programs
  • Research & Information Services